Piranha Pro Z Marine Acrylic Polymer Polishes

Marine Polishes

32 oz bottle


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  • Piranha Pro Z is an Acrylic Polymer Cleaner Polish and Sealer specially formulated for Marine use.

  • Piranha Pro Z is the most Durable and Aggressive Cleaning Polish and Sealer On the Planet today!

  • Piranha Pro Z has a 97% sunscreen and a very high Tollerance for Heat which protects the surface from the Ravages of the Sun and it’s Rays.

  • Piranha Pro Z contains an additive that repels the growth of Algae , Moss , Mold and Barnacles.

  • Piranha Pro Z can not be removed by Normal surface debris such as Fuel from the Exhaust, thus minimizing the water line stain that is common on most Boats.

  • Piranha Pro Z sheets off the water thus greatly reducing water spotting.

  • Piranha Pro Z can be applied by hand, Buffer or Orbital Polisher. Although in most cases hand application is easier.

  • For severely Oxidized, Dirty-Dull Fiberglass and Aluminum surfaces a second application may be required. If this does not solve the problem you may have to use a conditioner such as Piranha Pro II Fiberglass and Gel-coat Restorer.