Piranha Pro I Automotive Acrylic Polish & Sealer
For all Automotive and Fiberglass Finishes

Marine Polishes

16 oz bottle


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Piranha Pro I is a revolutionary Acrylic Polymer Polish, Cleaner, and Sealant. Specially formulated for clear and non clear coat finishes. Non Abrasive but will in fact smooth out surface scratches and abrasions while removing the oxidized and dead paint in one simple step. Pro I Has the maximum UV protection available on the Planet today. Pro I Protects your Aircraft, Truck, Automobile, and Motorcycle from ROAD-TAR, TREE-SAP, ROAD SALTS, SALT SPRAY, BIRD DROPPINGS, EGGS, OVER SPRAY, ACID RAIN, ALL WATER SPOTTING!! This formula actually bonds the polish to the finish for the most durable and Brilliant Shine Ever made Possible. Pro I gives your vehicle a deep rich luster that would make even the most critical and finicky person happy with a minimal amount of effort. Extreme Desert Heat of 115 and above will not cause a melt down. Pro I has a heat barrier of 1000 degrees. Over 360 washes with soap water and brushes did not remove the polish

Under most conditions it only needs to be applied once a Year. Apply Pro I with a damp cloth in a circular motion, overlapping as you go over the surface to be polished. Use, A soft terry towel or Orbital Polisher to remove for a High Sheen. You can apply Pro I in partial sun light but in smaller areas at a time, If Pro I is accidentally put on rubber moldings or rubber trim use Piranha Pro V Armor to remove and restore the trim or moldings to there original luster.